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Generative AI Consulting
Where Ethics Are Our North Star

Welcome to MSS, your trusted partner in developing ethical generative AI strategies. We provide consultatancy on generative AI transformation, training consultancy, AI data consultancy, and model optimization consultancy - all  grounded in a strong adherence to both GDPR and PII legislation. 



Generative AI
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Ethical AI

Our Generative AI Consulting Services

Compliance Consultation

Harnessing our expertise in key regulations such as GDPRBIPA, the EU AI Act, The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act , PIPEDA, as well as all things PII,  we ensure your generative AI solutions are not just ethical, but are fully compliant, safeguarding data privacy and integrity. Our approach minimizes potential risks, giving you confidence in the security and legality of your AI implementation.

Data Consulting

No one knows the ethical data licensing and acquisition landscape better than we do. Our data due diligence and deep-level forensic skills are second to none, and provide you with valuable, deep information giving you a full picture of your data provenance, ethical cleanliness and legal exposure.

Use Case Evaluation

Unlock the power of generative AI in your organization with our expert guidance. We pinpoint high-impact use cases and conduct thorough feasibility studies to evaluate their viability and potential benefits. Our insights empower you to make strategic, informed decisions about integrating cutting-edge AI solutions.

Technology Assessment

We dive deep into assessing a wide range of ethical generative AI technologies and tools, including models like Bria and Claude. Our analysis focuses on their capabilities and how they align with your organization’s unique needs, ensuring you choose and implement the best solutions for maximum performance and ethical alignment.

Ethical AI

Our Generative AI Special Sauce

Image Synthesis

Armed with expertise in computer vision algorithms, deep learning architectures, and image processing techniques, we create powerful AI systems that master tasks like text-to-image synthesis, object detection, image recognition, and semantic segmentation. Our solutions are designed to push the boundaries of what's possible, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Ethical AI Benchmarking

Our comprehensive ethical AI evaluations leverage cutting-edge benchmarking methodologies to rigorously assess your AI systems and organizational practices against the most stringent laws and industry standards. Our proprietary ethical AI framework, continuously refined through collaboration with leading experts and academics, incorporates quantifiable metrics and performance indicators that go beyond surface-level compliance. By employing advanced testing protocols and data-driven analysis, we provide you with actionable insights and measurable outcomes. This empirical approach ensures your AI initiatives not only meet but exceed the highest ethical standards, positioning your organization at the forefront of responsible AI innovation and fostering stakeholder trust through demonstrable integrity and transparency.

Data Engineering

Our deep data engineering expertise enables us to source, create and manage extensive visual, audio,  LLM and SLM datasets, providing the crucial training foundation for large ethical generative AI models. Additionally, we utilize advanced generative techniques to create high-quality synthetic data, ensuring robust model training even in data-scarce environments.


Three Steps To Ethical AI Success

Step One
We begin our consultation with a virtual or on-site visit to get a full understanding of what you are hoping to achieve and a full understanding of what defines success. Understanding your business case, we zero in on the most suitable ethical generative AI technologies to achieve your goals. 
Step Two
Based upon the project terms and conditions, we create a project proposal and budget estimate. 
Step Three
Upon stakeholder approval, we begin our work by bringing together a team of internal and external experts to get your project in gear. 

Project Launch

A Final Word on How We Approach Our Role ...

MSS helps companies quickly get on the path to ethical AI product deployment. Our consultation isn't one-size-fits-all; we tailor ethical AI solutions to your company's DNA, seamlessly integrating with your mission and strategy.  We dive deep into your organization's core purpose, values, and risk landscape to craft responsible AI solutions that don't just tick boxes, but drive real value. This isn't about limiting innovation - it's about supercharging it with a robust ethical foundation.

MSS' approach ensures you're not just keeping pace with AI advancements, but leading the charge in responsible, ethical innovation. By embedding ethics at the heart of your AI strategy, we position your organization to thrive in this transformative landscape, turning potential risks into powerful opportunities for growth and positive impact. Let's begin that conversation right now - 
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