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Welcome to MSS, your trusted partner in developing ethical generative AI strategies strongly grounded in GDPR-compliant biometric and non-biometric data acquisition, all varieties of data management, training data deployment and the creation and deployment of the unique, granular descriptive metadata required to fuel highly-responsive, GPU-efficient foundation models and training datasets.

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Selecting the right data sources, the right models and the right tools is mission critical for for the success of any generative AI project. MSS is a recognized leader within the ethical AI landscape, and guarantees that we only work with vendors able to deliver solutions that are both GDPR and PII compliant.  MSS is your go-to resource for reliable model development,  rock-solid data and AI governance. Learn more and book an appointment right here.

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We are on a mission to empower businesses via ethical AI solutions.  We are committed to integrating AI solutions that not only enhance productivity and creativity but also prioritize transparency and legal compliance. Learn more and book an appointment right here.

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