photo inspection

Microstocksolutions was a critical link in managing the astronomical library growth of the first microstock agency to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The NYSE listed firm chose us to be its first outsourcing partner to near-single handedly curate all of its tens of thousands of daily incoming still and graphic assets. The company further deepened MSS' role in their asset ingestion chain, with the addition of a growing corps of enterprise sales support staff, as well as other content-centric back office support roles.

video post-production


When the world's leading manufacturer of action cameras needed help in clipping, curating and keywording the raw footage created by their cadre of pro athletes and brand ambassadors, Microstocksolutions was their first choice. Microstocksolutions was able to vertically scale a team of video editors and metadata experts, consult on a variety of areas related to third party licensing and asset discoverability, and expose this iconic brand's content to a whole new audience.

digital asset management

The largest specialty retailer in the United States, and is 3rd in total international locations, called upon Microstocksolutions when their board decided to go bold in both China and India within a few months of each other. We've gone vertical before, and this project demanded quick thinking and hyper-developed technical and asset workflow solutions. As a result, a scalable, highly redundant proposal was generated and presented with positive results.

media consultation

When one of the world's leading distributors of viral videos needed to get their content licensing platform off of  the ground, they called upon Microstocksolutions to look under the hood and kick the tires of some of the world's top digital asset management (DAM) software to give them the critical information they needed to make their choices. Days of testing, analysis and research stood behind each of the in-depth reports generated for this client. As a result, this industry pioneer was able to ensure that the DAM they wanted, was the DAM that could perform each and every function required to launch their site.