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Meet The DAM Whisperer

Everyone, we're sure, remembers the film, the "Horse Whisperer." In it, Robert Redford's character, a trainer with a remarkable gift for understanding horses, is hired to help an injured teenager and her horse back to health following an accident.

Similarly, a DAM whisperer, in this case Akos, our incredible DAM techno-expert, is someone who uses empathy, patience, and understanding to build a deep and respectful bond with whatever digital asset management software he works with. Like horse whispering, DAM whispering is about communication and understanding. A DAM whisperer has a deep understanding of the software's capabilities and limitations, and can use it in a way that maximizes its potential.

DAM whispering is not just about using the software efficiently. It's also about building a relationship with the software end user based on trust and mutual respect. By building a connection with the software (believe us, it's possible), the DAM whisperer can create an ingestion and organizational workflow that is beyond efficient.

A DAM whisperer understands that the software is not just a series of lines of code, but a tool that is used by many people to achieve their goals. By understanding the needs of the people who use the software, a DAM whisperer can tailor the software to meet those needs.

DAM whispering is not a quick-fix solution to digital asset management. It takes time, patience, and dedication to build a strong and trusting relationship with the platform and its stakeholders. But the rewards can be significant. A well-managed digital asset management system that has been managed using DAM whispering techniques is likely to be more organized, efficient, and effective than a system that has been managed using less empathetic approaches.

Do you need a DAM whisperer? Reach out and contact us:

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