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The world's first digital media asset management service for agile enterprises launches today

NY, NY. September 7, 2022: For immediate release. Microstocksolutions, the leading remote digital asset management company, is proud to announce the launch of its new offering: A full suite of digital file management services and support exclusively built for Fortune 500 companies.

After more than 20 years of experience delivering top-of-the-line services to the media and stock photo industry, Microstocksolutions is rebranding under the MSS name and deploying all of its capabilities to serve medium-to-large companies.

Recent studies show that a company's average amount of visual and creative assets is 164 terabytes. And on average, it will take one person two hours to find the right asset because of inadequate operations. This leads to frustration, missed opportunities, wasted time and resources, and lost revenue. 

From software to staffing to administration, MSS offers a complete suite of remote digital asset content management solutions at a budget-sensitive cost. Innovative companies can quickly scale up without having to hire and train an entire in-house team. Instead, they can rely on the highly experienced MSS staff. "Via a streamlined series of efficiency-driven workflows, our multinational and multicultural company can handle every sequence of visual file management," says CEO Mark Milstein. "Our highly experienced team provides world-class DAM/MAM consulting, content curation, high-efficiency keywording, legal compliance, post-production, and visual AI expertise." 

In today's economy, selling a product or service without using photo or video content is impossible. Creating, operating, managing, filing, and organizing an increasingly large repository of digital files puts a significant burden on companies that are ill-equipped to handle it. Rather than building a costly in-house department just to handle files, the more agile companies move to remote content management solution providers like MSS. 

With MSS, every legacy and newly created visual file is thoroughly vetted for quality, brand consistency, compliance with content guidelines and standards, and legal compliance before being carefully and accurately keyworded and added to a DAM. Assets are then easily and quickly retrievable by a company's product, marketing, PR, content, and sales teams.

MSS is also at the forefront of visual technology, offering knowledgeable services in visual artificial intelligence, machine learning, and synthetic media. 

"MSS is always our first choice when we need any kind of video library management or keywording. Their domain expertise is unbeatable, and we can rely upon them to do a great job. " Naze Teo, Global Manager, Images Network at the World Wildlife Fund, agrees.


About MSS:

Microstocksolutions designs and delivers world-class content curation, post-production, legal compliance, pioneering metadata strategies and implementations, content localization, content research, contributor support, and third-party licensing strategy.

Our global reach, scalable workforce, and unparalleled collective intelligence of the industry's best practices and workflows create a single, synchronized content management offering that guarantees success, one asset at a time. From editing to keywording to post-production, curation, legal review, brand consistency, and machine learning, we are the team that makes your DAM work.

From our globally positioned offices, we are daily responsible for managing tens of thousands of media assets, including video, photography, music, motion graphics, and other types of rich media.


For more information:

Ildiko Verebelyi, Director of Sales

Tel: 917-675-3040 (USA and Canada)

+36-20-967-4096 (Europe)

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